lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-06 07:53:59 (UTC)


ahh i'm talking to chris and he just reminded me of that
good old phrase. yeah yeah. wow i have so much to say but
this is neither the time nor the place to say it.

tonight was fun, even though i was in a horribly bad mood.
you don't have to tell me. i know when i'm in a bad mood.
and this time it's not PMS so i have no silly excuses...i
have valid ones!!!! yeaaaaah!

i love staying out late...i dunno if this really qualifies
as late, but it was fun. i love my real friends. i love
NOT being at school. oh do i love it. i think being
miserable at school makes you appreciate your time away
from it a lot more.

i am frustrated with myself...i mean, it's been a loooong
time since i've had "bad weeks" i dunno maybe i
assumed that since i've been walking with God they'd go
away. ahh, futile mind of mine. i guess i now just have a
better way to deal with it all. it's just frustrating
though, because every week for the last 6 weeks has been
what i would call a "bad week". i'm not complaining...just
comparing the sum of the events and my feelings, etc, i
realize that i'm kinda in the wilderness (it's a supertones
song. yup.)

so i'm making up for all the great, fabulous weeks and
months i've been having. ahh man. i know God is in
control...i know that. but sometimes when you have those
awful, cry-in-the-fetal-position days, you just wanna sit
and scream cuz it doesn't make sense. not that it should.
if i could understand His plan, i'd be worried. but it's
hard having a week when the bad seems to outweigh the