My Life.............
2001-10-06 05:08:54 (UTC)

my friday............

well, i didnt go to the bar tonight, i just walked around
town with A. she came in, i had fun, we went out to eat at
the oasis, it was a good meal.:) then later we went and got
some ice cream at mcdonalds, i figured i would give myself
a treat for making it to a month on my diet.:)
oh my gosh! we went to the park up town, and there was
this kid puking all over, it was so gross, he had to much
to drink and he was way underage, i didnt feel sorry for
him at all, i thought it serves ya right, now maybe youll
think twice about drinking, but, i doubt he learned his
lesson, his friends had to pick him up and drag him off, as
they were leaving i said "i hope ya feel better soon", and
they said, "yea so do we, hes sick", and my friend yelled
"hes not sick, hes DRUNK" i dont think they appreciated
it.LOL ya really have to wonder where these kids' parents
are at that they can do these things, and where the hell do
they get the alcohol? my gosh! i would NEVER buy beer for
anyone underage, dont people have brains?!?!?!?! god!!