"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-06 04:52:26 (UTC)


I am not even going to tell about my day or the fact
varsity lost. But the dance was GREAT!!!!! The reason it
was great this year and and not last year. Well last year
i had a g/f and it wasnt the fact that i could not dance
with alot of people it is the fact that she did not dance i
am not the dancer but at least i try and she can dance just
not with me. So enough with that bad time and on with
tonight. Well i got there it was hot as hell to start with
and i just went in there and starting dancng with my
friends. Then i went out and got some water and they
played the first slow song. So if you know me i went in
there without anyone to dance with and just started dancing
by myself like someone was there. A feww girls came up and
said you want me to dance with you. I said she ask me
first but maybe later. So they laugh and said ok and walk
away. I done that the whole song. I finally found Tiffani
and some of her friends and we done some dancing and tehn
another slow song came on and what i have been waiting for
happened. We Danced. BUT... It was good and all but i
dont think she liked it she might have but i dont know. I
didnt think of the fact me dancing all around was making me
sweat so we started dancing i already felt like an ass. So
i was like sorry for beening all sweaty and stuff like that
then we danced the whole song. That was my best part of
the night. I hung out with them for a while and they tried
to get me to dance i am not that good but i think i might
have gotten better than i was at the start of the dance.
But i dont know she will have to be the judge of that.
Then another slow song came on and Tiffani was like Sarah
you dance with him. Sarah was like no you to can so we
did. That was great also that part of my night went
great. This time we started dancing agian after a while
and i think i did my best "Freakin" if that is what it is
called I dont know. Then another slow song came on I was
like am i going to get lucky and get a third time. No,
She wanted Amber to dance with me, and we started to and
Tiffani walked away and smiled at me so i smiled back. It
is not that i dont like Amber I think she is kool and it is
i just dont like her like that she is one of my friends if
ya know what i meani didnt mind dancing with her it was fun
but i had more fun dancing with Tiffani, you know what i
mean. Tiffani probably didnt want to dance with me anymore
because i was so sweady. To her it was probably gross and
i know what she means to that would not be to comfortable
to dance with somebody that felt like that. I was glad I
got my 2 times but you know my lucky number is 3 but thats
ok. So it was over and i didnt see any of them that last
song it was that North Carolina song and you know i have to
tell this. But i went out and got water and Justin east
was like lets go take our shirts off. i was like yeah up
in the front so we went to the side of the front and when
they said it we done it adn he didnt do it as long as me
but it was fun and i seen a cop in there coming my way so i
made my way through the crowd and got my hat and shirt on
and walked out. I dont know if he was coming that way for
another reason but i wasnt going to find out so i went
outside and it was over and I found Tiffani. I went and
talked to her told her what happened got my little bye bye
hug. I told her i had fun adn thanks for the dance but
what i always forget to say is Be careful on your way home
so if you read it that you go i mean to tell every time but
i forget. Then i walked to my hug and my puppy was in
there and i got him brought him back they petted him and i
said and and then finally left. I have band Practice from
12 to 5:30 tomorrow. Sarah brought up in her diary me
tiffani, her and Matt might do something so i hope that
happens. Well i had someting to say but i cannot remember
so i guess i am going to go. #3

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