le soleil et la lune
2001-10-06 04:43:02 (UTC)


ok, first of all today in 2nd period my baby was lumpy and
I busted my ass during Patrick's presentation. And CJ
decided to be nice and take a picture so I could always
remember the occasion.

I decided to show a little school spirit and stay for the
crap rally, I mean pep rally. Our school is SOO pitiful.
The only decorations we had were 5 banners and the cups in
the fence. That's it, no streamers, no balloons, nothing.
I took some pictures. Clary got TP'd, and then for raising
the most money he got smacked in the face with some
pudding. That was REALLY funny. The girl sitting behind
me threw up twice, so that was lovely. And the
cheerleaders attempted to play football. That is the
saddest thing I have ever seen. Before the pep rally me,
Jennifer, and Clary sat in his room and gossiped about
people. Nothing bad, just the truth. I loved it!!!

Sheena Nelson won Ms. Congeniality. That had to be a
fluke, b/c no fesses up to voting for her. Brooke Lester
was queen, and Josephine Moore was the maid of honor.
Mandy and Amy looked heart-broken. At one point we were
actually winning the football game, and then I got my hopes
up, so of course we lost. Brad proposed to Mandy at the
homecoming dance(can we say CONRY!!!), and she said yes. I
really don't know how CJ managed to keep it together after
that. Speaking of CJ, he looked pretty good tonight, until
he got all sweaty from dancing. I got my dance with Matthew
(to peaches n cream), but poor KT didn't get to dance with
her husband. Amanda missed out on her dance from patrick.
He was looking for her all through the last couple of
dances, but she had already left:( I didn't slow dance
with anyone. People always ask me why I hate slow dances,
and that's why. You have to be dating someone, or
be "talking" to someone, or you have to have a really loyal
guy friend, or you just get stuck swaying against the
wall. And that's what always happens to me. It's just
TO bed I go, b/c I've got to work tomorrow, and then I'm
spending the night at Tiff's and maybe doing something with
her, Matt, and Andrew. Who knows?