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2001-10-06 04:27:14 (UTC)

Should I?

12:25 AM

JOurnal..well its Me, again. And Im sitting here chatting
on IM cuz I have no life and Im not tired. Neways..I Want
to tell the person I like that I like them..but I dont know
how they would react, ya know? I mean..i would feel stupid
if i was all "yea i like u" and they were all "ok" and
didnt say ne thing back! I dunno I Mean..I Know we have
some stuff in common and I talk 2 him a good bit..but who
knows! Im just confused cuz everybody is like fighting and
stuff on IM and im trying 2 help everybody and im talking 2
brian trying 2 tell him that i refuse 2 see him 2morrow @
his stupid band competition...and my parents are telling me
2 go 2 bed..so everything is just *craZy*!!!!! Neways..So
if u have ne suggestionz...send me feedback or email me @
[email protected]

LuV aLwaYS~

pSalmz 27:1-3

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