Ignorant Bliss
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2001-10-06 03:37:11 (UTC)

Lonely Friday evening

Well it is a Friday Night and I am sitting at home. Really
i am not that big of a loser, just there was nothing to do
tonight so i said the heck with it and decided to relax.
Plus i have a broken toe that is throbing pretty bad right
now. But it is Friday so it's all good, another week of
school has passed, which is great. Nothing to exciting has
really been happening, we nominated for Homecoming,
personally i highly doubt i will get nominated, but ah
well. If i get nominated then great if not no tears will
be shed from me.

I am suppose to have this "long Talk" with emily this
weekend (i have no idea when because our schedules so do
not work out) but anyways she says she has some stuff on
her mind that we should talk about. I am not totally sure
what she has in mind. I am thinking it is about one of her
friends, who i know but she hasn't admitted too is trying
to hook us up. If this prooves to be the point, i really
have no idea what i am going to say. Most likely she will
want to know what i think of her. I am not sure where i
stand. I am really not all to enthused to start a
relationship with anyone. This girl is super nice and
seems like a really cool person, but as of now i havn';t
had some urge to start something up. We'll see, I just
hope that no one is getting their hopes up, if she is
interested and i am not, i don't want any feelings hurt. I
doubt that will happen though. One more good friend, what
more can i ask for. Well that is my thought for the
evening, lates.


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