jon's babie forever
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2001-10-06 03:26:28 (UTC)

Nicknames & Horoscopes

Nothing big has happened yet... I'm still waiting for that.
But a few days ago I was chatting with Stefanie on the
internet and we started talking about screen names. She
asked me if I could change mine what would I want it to be.
I named a few things (God, dance, Jon, etc.) and she came
up with this:


Jon's Little Dancer. Isn't that the cutest thing in the
world?? Oh, I'd love for that to be my screen name. I
flipped out when she first told it to me. You should have
seen me! :)

I went to Rachelle's house today and she made up a totally
cute nickname for Jon... but I don't know how to spell it.
Let's see... JonnelB!! (Pronounced Jon-ul-Bee. U as in uh)

Well, you all know I'm a Godly person and I don't believe
in horoscopes. But Diana is in charge of the horoscopes in
my online newsletter (If you wanna join e-mail me!). She
came across mine, Leo, and told it to me. This is what it

On the 16th of October you will have no choice but to
confess your love to your crush and if he is a Sagittarius,
he will appreciate your honesty.

I know I don't believe in horoscopes, but this still makes
me a little nervous. Jon is another Leo, not a Sagittarius.
And I don't want him to find out I like him until he brakes
up with Shanna. I hope it is wrong... unless Shanna and Jon
brake up between now and then. But besides, I can't think
of a situation where I'd HAVE to tell Jon I liked him. The
16th is a Tuesday, and I only see Jon at church on Sundays.

So I have nothing to worry about... right? Right??

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