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Hide Out
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2001-10-06 03:17:36 (UTC)

Reading other people's entries may be harmful to your health.

No one forces me to read other people's entries. I know
that. And I know that if I am offended by the entries,
it's my own fault for reading them.

But if you're going to use the diary to voice your views,
just know that no one here could give a rats ass about your
childish opinions because this is a diary, not letters to
the editor of the New York Times or an academic journal.

If you're out to change the world with your Democratic,
liberal views of equality, humans do bad things to
minorities and gays and therefore owe them something, anti-
guns, anti-war, anti-sexism, anti-"hate crime", rap music
corrupts youth, Al Gore loving, pro-peace opinions -- then
write your crap somewhere else or make your diary private
so the rest of us don't have to listen to your sorry ass

Dammit. Liberals piss me off.

I can hate whoever I want to - because this is America.

And if this entry offended you -
1. you are a liberal
2. and it's your own fault for reading this entry!

For more help, please see the FIRST AMENDMENT.

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