Mind of a Wierdo
2001-10-06 03:11:49 (UTC)

Where has the time gone ....

You kno it has been awhile since I last wrote and it doesnt
even seem like it. Right now I am talking to Chris on the
phone and he is nagging at me again. What a woman! Just
kidding. I love him and he knows it. Yeap. Well ... this
week was pretty boring. Schedules .... ugh ... the
schedules were pretty screwed up for school. I was lost but
hey .... I always am lost. Today was probably the biggest
butthole of a day. English teacher was talking about
'divorce'. I dont kno why .... but I just cant handle talks
about it. I mean my parents are going through a shnitty
divorce right now and it has a big enough effect on me that
................ it is hard to talk about it.
.............. But anyways ......... let us move on.
Tomorrow should be fun ... goin to go play football with a
group of people and have a barbeque. WOOHOO! O yea and
before that I am goin to the DeAnza flea market. YAY! Gotta
go and get some stuff for a 'thing' that I am goin to put
together. Yea ... and Kitty aka Lisa is having a
renaissance birthday party ( i think ) and I have to get a
mask and shnit for it because she is making the girls go in
'dresses' yuck ..... but o well. Okay well ........ yea
.... I have the dress all I need is the mask. Okay other
than all that ........ everything else is swell. Okay well
..... for now .... till later.