2001-10-06 02:47:07 (UTC)

Raise Up

Okay everyone yall know how i dont like rap music all
that much n wut not, but i kinda like this song cuz at
lunch my buds were doin this dance to it for the lip sync.
It wuz like spiffy~o.

I juz remembered something...this guy Josh that like ive
been talking to on the comp. is like a Sexy Slutooker :) I
had like a crazy dream about him the other night & I wuz
goin to write about it then, but i didnt really feel like
writing it all down. So I am goin to do that in a couple
lines less/more.

My dream~~~ We were like at this oxygen bar or somethin
w/my buddos Jen & Heather. Well we were u know doin the
oxygen & Jen took hers off n said hey Cora wanna go have
sum fun in the other rm. so u know me bein as nice as i am
i said sure y not, but can Josh join n then of course
Heather wuz all i want to also, so pretty soon we all were
like dancin around naked (I looked the best...Not) Then i
like woke up. It wuz fun, there wuz more stuff but i dont
really remember it all, so um yah.

"Raise Up"

[David Nevermind (Petey Pablo)]
This is David Nevermind
And today's controversy is coming from yet another member
(Aiyyo tell 'em that we not gon' be playin)
or should I say members of the hip-hop community:
(I'll blaze 'em niggaz)
Petey Pablo - a new artist signed under Jive
(Aiyyo look at my homeboys)
and has teamed up with Timbaland, outta V.A.
(We gonna blow this up)
In a quest to redeem his title
And bring, North Carolina, and Virginia, to the front of
the line
(Yeah, we gon' do it)
We're gonna stand by

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
This one's for North Carolina! C'mon and raise up
Take your shirt off, twist it 'round yo' hand
Spin it like a helicopter
North Carolina! C'mon and raise up
This one's for you, uh-huh, this one's for who?
Us, us, us; yes sir!

[Petey Pablo]
Who am I? Petey Pab motherfucker!
First to put it down for North Carolina
But guess what (what?), it's been worth it
I'ma superstar, bought me a big ol' car
Four point six (see the car!)
Black fifty-four from the front to back
and got a button in the middle, make the trunk go eh-eh
But it ain't 'bout that
It's about gettin whatchu gettin and drivin all back here
Big fellas (six fellas)
Half of me and Carolina niggaz, I'm tired of y'all
Polk, Bladen, Marshall, Hoke, Greene County, Timbaland, damn
Transfer, Sandy Ridge, Browns over here (greens over here)
Pasqoutank, down on the, Odom East (lemme think)
Johnson County, Franklin, Burgaw, Newport, Warren, Shelby,
(Man Catawba) Tarboro, Triangle, Goldsboro, Halifax,
And all my niggaz doin life behind the wall
This right here, right here, right here's for


[Petey Pablo overlapping Chorus]
Uhh, uh-huh, uh-huh, beat it, beat it
You remember them days y'all, we used to play y'all
The radio and put our own lil part in the song y'all
We used to (Rep our city, rep our city!)
Runnin through the school halls
just before our basketball pep-rally jumped off (hah!)
My house, my home, my hood (hah!)
My brother, my sister, my cous' (hah!)
My niggaz that was there from the beginin
been wit me even 'fore they knew what bein with me was
Y'all niggaz just glanced at it, now I gotcha starin at it
Wouldn't been the same ol' North Carolina, it's been then
Y'all niggaz just gettin it, oh it's a shame isn't it?
Oh you thought we said we were comin wit a whole lotta songs
we were bullshhh! (ahh!)


[Petey Pablo]
Man I had to do it
just incase you were one of the ones who wanted to come and
ask somethin stupid
(What you think you doin?) What it look like?
Puttin it down for my niggaz in the south side
North Carolina, South Carolina
And all my little bitty open little cape towns
We gonna hit y'all asses, ain't nothin but a T.D. blast
that we got comin atcha, (beat) slammin, (first) classic
(Go for this) What's after platinum?
(Baby you don't want the bomb) And I don't meant to scare ya
but I'm about to bring it home
Blow these fellas, these hills, these things and N.C. out
the water
How's it feel to lose to motherfucker that be real
Now tell 'em - "I told ya!"


[David Nevermind]
Uhh, af-after seeing this
I, I have no other questions, I, I mean I
Hey look, this is David Nevermind
I'm signing off, but before I'm outta here
Remember, if I ever talked anything about the Polk guys,
North Carolina and V.A. are definitely at the front of the
You have my vote of support, over and out

[*music until fade