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2001-10-06 02:37:59 (UTC)

Living a Life with different sexual orientations

The world is so prejudistic for no fucking reason. SLavery
was fucked up, so was the whole thing of women not allowed
to vote and so on..We live in a Civilization that develops
by opressing or offending others. We are only here for 70
years tops, and is a shame we cant all be ourselves and do
whatever the fuck we wanna do without been look the wrong

Now that i got that our of the way. Im a 20 year old
dude and ever since i can remember i been attracted to my
own sex as well as my opposite sex. Living on Society that
even religion codemns such feelings is very hard
i dont think im ready to deal with people's stigma at this
point of time. At this moment im comfortable with my
feeling as i didnt used to be.. anyways im done for
tonite.. Two entries on my first day aint quite bad..peace
out for now