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2001-10-06 02:08:50 (UTC)

Start Of the Journal

Today is October 5, 2001 AD...Anyways i Really Wish i
could start such an endeavor that a journal is with a
memorable entry, but this is the best one i could come up
with.. I hate Teeth!!, they such an underated piece of
machinery and to think something so small can be so
freaking painful is beyond any logical comprehension.My
mouth is all sore like i just fought a couple of rounds.

I Really dont have a purpose for having this journal is
more of way of reflect into my psyche and let some things
out into the open. It will be kind of Like Therapy to me.

These past few weeks have been whorey at best. Its Amazing
How much Humans can differ from other humans.. The Amount
of life Lost on September 11 was heartbreaking. People lost
Brothers,sisters,Mothers,Fathers,Lovers, and many people
lost people they never got a chance to know and grief for.
99.9999 % of the people havent got the full graps of the
situation. Everybody's Attention is on retaliation...
Including me.. I wanna end this topic in order for us to
move on emotionally, by saying...These people Who enjoy
lost of lives and deliverately Change religion in order to
hide THEIR HATE can celebrate their bloody victory but
believe me neither GOD or The Combine Forces of Humanity
will have pity on Their souls.