Chelle's Thoughts n' collections
2001-10-06 01:00:23 (UTC)

another day another story

ah was not too bad.
heh...i only got 3hrs of sleep last night so i was runnin
on empty...but i decided to get up and haul my ass to
school at a normal hour anyways.

somehow ive managed to have some kickass grades this
year...which i havent done since middle school since im a
ive pretty much had a "c" average over all but this year im
pullin for the A's n B's.
heh gotta think college and all that good stuff ya know?

I didnt leave school today till like 5pm since i stayed
after to dub some copies of Steph's birthday party 8mm
videotape to VHS.
haha it was worth all the laughs.
between gettin her the stripper..gettin trashed...and
just bein with my was prolly one of the best
nights ive had in a LONG LONG while.

I also got my senior pictures back today...and they came
out awsome.
i was all worried since i let my dad do them...but no one
even believes that he did cuz they look professional.

Tomorrow im gonna let kim cut my hair n then we'll prolly
go to a party or somethin which should be fun.

man situation is stagnant. BLAH!

aiight im -out-

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