Rantings Of a Twisted Soul
2001-10-06 00:13:39 (UTC)

My very first entry

my very first entry..what to say..i don't know but i like
this already hehehe =) my very own space to use up and hope
that it works right...i hate when i write and can't post
nothing, hopefully this will be easier on everyone
especially me.

Mmmmm my new pumpkin spiced candle..the aroma is just yummy
and its all in the spirit of halloween..I like lighting
candles neways. Brings my spirits up and its so romantic
the glowing light.

Oh man speaking of something i'm mad at dummy me..This cute
guy who knows who he is was going to call me told me to
logg off yesterday...Well I thought i did and waited and
waited for his call...Color me really stoopid cuz I was
still logged on...Thank you AOL you good for nothing =P
Neways if your reading this..i didn't ditch you i waited by
the phone looking forward to the call..i even emailed you
so you think i wasn't being stuck up or something. Cuz i'm
totally interested. *sniff* I can't believe i missed the
call =(

By the way my webpage is revamped so look at it..and damn
peeps sign the guest book so i know you were
there...geesh..heehee i don't think i'm asking for too much
=P who knows maybe i am.