Reality Bites
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2001-10-05 23:45:04 (UTC)

Ok, so who agrees with me!?..

Ok, so who agrees with me!? Fridays are SO the best day of
the week, especially when there's a 3 day weekend!!
Yesterday was kinda eventful, so I'll tell a little bit!
After school HOTT SENIOR CHRIS said hi to me! lol I was
like JENN! OMG! Ok so me, Jenn, and Liss took the bus home
and we got tierd of walking the 3 miles to Jenn's house, so
we were sitting on the corner by the junior high about a
mile from her house and this guy stopped and asked us if we
needed a ride and we were like SURE! lol the stupidest
thing I've ever done, but so funny! Ok that was the big
news of yesterday...Carli flaked on our plans for tonite,
so I was mad but whatever, Im over it. I'm hanging out w/
Jenn tonite, so that should be fun! CHRIS might come I dont
know...we'll see!!! Oh today Jesse told me that he and his
gf were not exactly getting along! lol SO sorry!! He thinks
they'd be breaking out soon, so I was like "Smoochies! Im
sorry!!" and hes all, "Oh? Im not" lol it was great! gtg