2001-10-05 23:40:52 (UTC)


Okay, maybe it's just me but I really dislike any contact
with the police. I go into strands parking lot just to
chill out, because I didn't want to go home just yet. I'm
just sitting there listening to PWT's, and then BAM, bright
light. At first I thought it was another car, like some
crazy dude that wanted to steal my car or something, but
then I realize, oh shit, it's a cop. I don't really know
what to do, so I just sit there, and soon enough, a police
man comes to my window with a flashlight and tells me to
roll down my window. I do, and he asks me all these
questions and stuff. He asked if I was all alone, if I was
here to meet someone, what I'm doing there, why am I there,
where I live, how old I was, if I was having issues at home
or at school, and all this stuff. He keeps asking me if
someone is in the bushes, or if I'm waiting for someone.
AND THEN, he has the GALL to say, "oh, well I'm just making
sure you arn't doing drugs or anything else you arn't
supposed to be doing." And with that, he searches my car
with his flashlight, like looks around and stuff. I'm of
course, scared out of my wits, so I just sit there and do
nothing. He had his hand on his gun the whole damn time
too! AHHH, then he goes, "ok, I just never see people
sitting here by themselves, you know." Like, implying that
I'm weird or something. I can't believe it. A kid can't
even find a place to just get away from things these days.
So now I'm like permanetely staying away from across the
frickin' street, all because of that. Thanks police
officer. I've been having some unfortunate luck with
Eleanor these days. Let's just hope something will improve
my crappy week.