lost in the dark
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2001-10-05 23:29:05 (UTC)

True to oneself...

Entry, I am sorry. I have done something that to me is
something that I should not have done. The last enrty that
I entered should not have been entered. Or at least the
last couple of sentences. I should have put in what I was
thinking instead of having it look like it was a game that
I was playing.
For the people that read my thoughts I am sorry as well.

So, to comment on what was going through my mind that
night when I was in the giggling fit. Well, I was thinking
about Star. It is really hard not to think about her. That
smile on her face, or the laugh that you are able to get
out of her. Hehe. Another wicked thought just came to my
head just now. The way she walks. *Evil Smile*
Man, Enrty. If I kept a straight head on my shoulders on
Teusday that just pasted I would have realized that it was
Thanksgiving Weekend coming up, and I would not have asked
Star out for supper. *bang head off wall*. Maybe some other
time. I am thankful that I asked her out when talking on
ICQ. It made it just alittle bit easier to ask. Well, not
as if I would not have asked. It sorta came up over a Convo
that I was having with Sister on-line. Was talking about
another post that I made earlier in the week about a woman
wearing a Blue Skirt (which so happened to be Star). So,
Sister and I were talking about trying to set something up.
The whole convo was funny, coming up with ways to enjoy
asking Star out. Sister, when I think about that Convo, I
still get a smile on my face :). The one way we came up
with was messaging back and forth about me contacting my
people and she contacting her people. My people so happen
to be Brother and her people was Sister. And then Star came
online and we started chit chatting. That is then I asked
what she was doing Saturday. And that is when she stated
that "If it was not Thanksgiving weekend she would have".
There is still Saturday night, going out to a club that is
holding something special for a fav band of mine. I know
that I am going to this, as for Star I am not too sure. She
was not to sure about it either. Dam holidays.
Entry, personally I am not use to holding back like this.
If I wanted to do something with someone I would just go
and do it and not think twice of it. Well there is a line
that I will not cross. And going out for a one night stand
is not my sort of entertainment for a night. Plus, there
days you have to be very careful about what you are doing.
So, getting to know one before doing things is a good
thing. I have thoughts about what I would like to do with
Star. To put them in to reality is something different.
Hmm, now if I actaully knew how she felt it would make the
greatest of differences. With Star it is alittle harder to
do. Don't ask me why because I am not really sure about the
answer myself. Then I would now how far to take it and how
far not to take it. Put, I think that also not knowing
makes it alittle more interesting as well. It is almost
like starting all over again. For so reason I was never in
the dating sceen, things sort of fell in to place with GF's
that I have had. So, considering this and what is going on,
it makes the blood flow alittle fast. I have two things on
my mind about this woman. And both things are good. In a
matter of time there well be something going on. If the out
come is either one of the two thoughs that I have, I think
that I will be a happier person in the end.
Well, Entry. True to myself is always agood thing. And to
actauly have typed it out. Makes all the difference. I am
making a call to Star to ask her out for coffee.
Entry one final thought before I go.
Why is it that when we sleep we imagine about having that
one person that we now invade the dreams that we have ?
Personally I would rather hold that person (whom every it maybe at
the moment) in my arms. Pasting thought.

Last in the Dark...

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