a Social Retard....keepin it surreal....
2001-10-05 22:08:20 (UTC)


so this is the start of my online diary and its sorta kewl
and stuff coz i had kinda a good day at school because i
got full marks yep 16/16 on my german GCSE oral exam and i
was shaking so badly and by the time id finished i was like
whispering and it was so scary :( but i got through it and
it was fun. i was expecting this diary to be a little more
exciting but i guess i could find sumwhere else when im
bored of here. I played some bass today and im coming along
well and ive played a loada songs. It was lauras 16th
birthday today and we just partied all lunch coz she
brought in food and stuff and it was a real nice atmosphere
and tomorrow is carnival nite and im having a houseparty
afterwards and its gonna be wicked and stuff. anyway im
tired and stuff so im gonna go. nitey nite byeeeeeeee