ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-10-05 21:20:54 (UTC)

cocktails and fondue

Last night's cocktail, wine and fondue night was
fabulous! :)

My bro and slimey (lol he's not really) outdid themselves..
it was great!

They served everyone all night, and didn't let anybody
help.. here's what I had:

- a 'matilda'.. khalua (sp?), chocolate milk, cream, and
something else?
- brandy and chocolate milk
- carrot sticks/guacamole dip
- tandoori chicken balls dipped in the wine/cheese fondue
sauce... mmmmmmmmmm delicious!!

And the dessert was the piece de resistance!! (sp? lol)

- strawberries and banana pieces dusted with crushed flake
chocolate... dipped into the most delicious white
chocolate/brandy fondue sauce.. *better than sex* heheh

Well, the "better than sex" is what one man said.. lol And
he embarrassed me no end, by announcing to all that "The
last sexual experience I had frightened me.. it was on a
full moon, I'd gone walking alone... and it was alone.
Which frightened me." *blush* ;)

Then my brother embarrassed me even further.. (especially
after a certain conversation I'd had with ergot) when I
let one girl there know that we were brother and sister,
which perhaps was why we were so quite close and intimate
in our joking.. lol And my bro says, "yeah we used to play
rudies..." LOL I said, "oh my god xxxx!! I have *NO* idea
what he means..." heheh

The "better than sex" man said to slimey.. "You were conceived
through sheer lust, my friend".. and slimey said, "You haven't seen
my mother..!" lol

It was a wonderful night.. beautiful moon shining on the
ocean.. candles everywhere on the patio.. beautiful food and
drinks.. continual service.. witty and sparkling
conversation.. :)

I enjoyed myself absolutely!

JJQ :)