A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-10-05 20:50:24 (UTC)

uMm Ok


Hey. Well...2day has been REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY
REALLY boring!!!!!! Im just glad that its friday! We play
W.Rowan 2night~! Hopefully Preston will go so that I can
see her! I Wonder if Sarah (her sis) is cheering this yr?:-/
Newayssss......My sister is downstairz with this weird
dude..I havent EVER seen him b4. he just showed up @ the
door like about 20 min ago and they went downstairz. so i
came down here 2 get on the puter and i went in her room
and they were asleep on her bed(with their clothes ON of
course:-p) Well im gonna go...so ttyl~


144~but shh dont tell ne1~

Lets go Wonders...Dah Duah Duh Dah Duh~ HAHAHA