The story of me life
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2001-10-05 20:34:34 (UTC)

Messed up

Well hello again. Just wondering, am I a lousy girlfriend.
I really dont want to be, but sometimes I just cant help my
self. Its not like I feel good about it, sometimes I even
hate myself for it. Its just that lately I have come to see
what a demanding person i am and how little i would want to
be my girlfriend, does this make any sence? Probably not.
The thing is i have the sweetest boy in my life. He just
does anything and everything he can think of to make me
happy, and sometimes i treat him like shit. Just feel like
i need to find my essens again. I am just out of balance,
need recreation.

Its just to much going on in my life, and taking the risk
of sounding egoistic, there is never time for me. I cant
even think anymore, I am just used as e ball thrown between
a boyfriend, a roomie, work, obsessive work mate, family
and other friends.

I am aware that anyone reading this must think i am loosing
my mind, but i just had to get it out, even if it was not
well thought thru.

Going to make love to my soulmate now,and try to pull
myself together

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