Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-10-05 19:35:52 (UTC)

Friday, October 5th

I went to the new psychatrist today, he was okay----the
people in his office were strange---they made my
appointment for 9:00 am and he finally got to his office
about 9:50 am. He said that I can stay on the 80 mg of
Celexa a day for a month and see how that goes, if I don't
bottom out of that then he will keep me on it. If not he
said we will have to try something else. He told me to
continue going to my therapist. Who I see next Thursday.

Hubby goes to see lawyer today to take him pay stubs so
they can figure child support. We will see where that gets

I don't know why, but in the past few days since saying custody is
not what I wanted, I have this urge to kick him to the curb. I guess
it started when I asked him if he still had the separation papers and
he said casually "No, I threw them out", this was like 2 days after
the case was dismissed, it made me mad because those were my papers
and I feel like I had the right to determine what happened to them.
Then the last two nights he has fallen asleep in his chair while I am
still at work, on Wednesday he was even late for his own hockey
practice (he is the coach of DS team) because he had fallen asleep
and DS tells all the parents---I was so embarrassed!!

Then today he said he would have a short day and be home when DS got
there, well instead he got a new account and had to go there, he got
home as late as his normally does. Today is also the day he was
taking his pay stubs to the attorney so that they can figure his
child support for OC, and today is payday, I am looking at our
checking account thinking there is no extra room there to be paying
OW money each month. Then there is the fact he didn't even remember I
had appointment with new psychatrist today, I told him how that went,
that I wasn't very happy with him. He just kind of shrugged it off.

The only thing he has done from his "list" this week is make a date
for tomorrow night and got a sitter. His other weekly promises he has
not kept!! I just feel if he is slipping out of his promises again so
soon that it just won't happen long term. Also, the post about the 13
year old foster daughter, got me thinking that H could be in same
situation---the OW who has his OC was 17 when they had sex, she was 2
weeks before her 18th birthday, but still it could be taken to court.