the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-10-05 19:15:50 (UTC)


mood - annoyed/confused PISSED OFF
music - uno by bliss

hi. i recieved another nag message from mydiary so decided
to fill you all in...what a day this has bin...i tell you i
would so like to NOT BE ME at the moment... its dso
annoying. i knoe my problems are petty compared to all the
tragedy recently, but they r big within my life so dont
blame me if i seem 2 b overreacting.

well, i recently realised hjow much ui really do like that
guy, lets call him...o yeah at the beginnin of my diary i
sed id call him chasey... so anyway... wll, i realised jhow
much ik like chasey (A LOT) and so told monkey, his best
freind, as i thought he wud b the useful person to tell.
BUIG MISTAKE. well, monkey sed it wud b a good thing to
tell him as soon as possible but wud only b good if he told
him as he wudnt belive it from any1 else, which i can
believe. but, following that statemnt, he promptly forgot
to mention it at all 2 him for another 4 days. well,
today, he finally told him. but, he didnt tell me straight
away that he had, he told mey best frend. she sed 2 him

"have ou told cvhasery bout sophie yet?" and he sed "yeah,
he sed no..." she asked him what he ment, and apparently
moneky, being monkey and being thick, had told chasey tyhat
im in love with him basically and wud he go out with me.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is NOT what i wanted!!! i was gonna
give it sum time, well, then i got all stressed and started
screaming at monkey in the school cafeteria, wth everyone
watching me, which was embarrasing...i was just so mad, i
couldnt help myself...then later, i calmed down and talked
2 monkey, he sed that he was joking and hadnt told him.
well, chasey was ignoring me, so i didnt believe him. i
thought thyat if chasey was ignoring him, it must mean that
chasey already knew and was all freaked out by it, although
the rumours r that he likes me 2. well, then monkey sed
that he may have asked him, but he cudnt remeber. then he
sed he hadnt spoken 2 him at all. then, he sed that he had
spoken 2 him, but not asked him out. ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

then, later, chasey asked me if i was k, i sed no i dont
get this work (we were in maths) and he did a page of
algebra 4 me without me askin...im v.confused. accordin 2
a freind that was there at the time, all monkey did was
tell chasey that i like him and didnt know whether 2 ask
hoim out or not...god my life is annoying.

plz help...aagghhh

luv, tiggeress