the blue period

Spanning Time
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2001-10-05 17:57:03 (UTC)


Another day, Is this really worth
doing? What's the reward? I can't seem to figure out what
keeps people going. I guess it's fear of whatever else
exists. I dunno, I'm babbling now. Wait, that's what
this stupid diary is for. Babbling. So read at your own
risk. Sucker!!!! Hahahahahhaahah! Anyway, I don't really
have too much to talk about today. Cleaned my room so good
the other day, but it's almost too clean. Feels empty and
cold. I guess that's cause there isn't a bunch of laundry
to insulate. It's time to go now. Today's recommendation -
"Defending Your Life"-with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep.
Oh yeah, and of course, the unbeatable performance by Rip
Torn. Gotta love that name.

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