2001-10-05 17:23:24 (UTC)

I remind myself of somebody else

2001/10/04 14:37 Most of my BME entries are gone.
I will continue to post here, but I will only keep them up
for a brief period of time.

I have archived many of them Here
If you don't want to know what goes on in my day to day
life or how I am feeling, your options are very simple.
Don't click on the link.

2001/10/04 16:34 I had the pleasure of hanging out with
Vanity Star yesterday. We went to the Hot Topic at Patrick
Henry Mall and Kasey found some goodies. MonStar made funny
faces, and smiled a lot. He seems to fit in there.
That store didn't have the shirt I wanted, and what happen
to their cool clearance rack? Pfft
So we headed over to Lynnhaven Mall and met a very nice and
helpful guy in make-up.
I bought the shirt I wanted, a long sleeve Rainbow Brite.
And then Kasey spotted the most darling little dude being
chased by cops. I bought him too.
Over-all it was one of the best times I have had in months.
I miss My Butterfly.

2001/10/05 09:58 Gary Allan is coming to town! November
16th at the Amphib Base.

2001/10/05 13:18 I must advertise for CompressedOblivion.
Why? because he amuses me and he needs a girl
yeah thats The Find Robert a Chick Contest
constants must:

be overall heterosexual

live some what close (unless you are willing to come to him)

hate ICP (though he knows I love them)

be willing to be judged by ash(AEK) and rosalyn(immortal

enjoy dorky guys

love kool-aid

not be christian

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