Life in the Making
2001-10-05 17:20:57 (UTC)


Ok. I met this guy on the net through a service called
Dream Mates. I ended up meeting him yesturday. He goes to
UNLV. I told him I was on the computer on the second floor,
so he came and found me. Ouch! I was being stalked! His
name is David Gibson. He is such a nerd! I mean, he's kinda
cute, but he lives on his computer. I would like a guy who
likes computers but doesn't live on them. I like to have
fun off the computer, too, you know!
Then this other guy on the net. He just IM'd me one day.
Really nice guy. Saw his pic- actually, I just got done
sending it to Stacy. He wants to meet me and Vanessa and go
on a double date with us (V and Brandon)(me and him). How
creppy! But cool! He's 22, has blonde hair blue eyes. Tall.
I like tall men. I'm talking to him right now, He said he;s
going to stop by Mountasia tonight and see me and Vanessa.
LOL! That should be interesting.