shifting mists
2001-10-05 16:51:11 (UTC)

the kiss that never was ...

on the couch
bored to death
tele on as you watch the news
i pester you with laughter and pain
tickles and pinches
and suddenly your attention is caught
and you move to capture my wrists
.. and suddenly ..
.. the softest landing i've ever experienced ..
and we're rolling around on the ground
with you trying to pin me down
ringing through the house
laughter and challenging growls
soft grunts and giggles
muscles flexing on both sides
bodies straining and i surprise you with
and the strength of my hiker's legs
sexual tension high as the sky
barely held in check as we move together
yet against each other
but you are a gentleman
and i am shy
self consciousness reigns supreme

in the future this cherished memory becomes
a lesson about regrets

we should have kissed