Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-10-05 16:40:15 (UTC)

Days like this.

I'm off work, the boss called today and said to stay home. Happens
pretty often, nice. But it's raining and I have no motivation. JeG is
coming over soon to smoke up and whatever. Cool.

Ah, thrilling chase..where have you gone? J is still as
nice as ever, but I have to admit that I miss his chasing
me already. I haven't gotten any flowers in fact
we haven't gone on a "date" since the day after I got back
from BC. I saw him a few times last weekend and on Monday,
but no "romance". We still haven't slept together either,
I'm beginning to wonder if my making him wait is boring
him. But I can't expect flowers ALL of the time. I'm also
beginning to fantasize more about actually doing the deed
with him, so I think maybe I'll make a move...who knows
when. Maybe tomorrow, I'm still not sure if I'm going for
K's bday celebration in the falls tomorrow night and J
might go too so....who knows.
I kinda would like to just spend a night alone with J
though and get a little closer if you know what I mean.
I've waited long enough and I'm sure he that respects me by
now. The other day he actually thought I was mad at him and
even emailed me saying sorry, but it was no big deal and I
wasn't upset...basically I got off of work earlier than
expected with hopes to see him but he had plans with
friends. How could I be mad though, it wasn't as if we'd
made plans so I was cool with it. I like that he has his
own life AND still wants to get together often. I told him
that too, 'cause I want him to know that.

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