Deb's messed up life
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2001-10-05 16:07:37 (UTC)

don't keep your distance

I am listening to the Evita song "Dont Cry for Me
Argentina." Hence the title, don't keep your distance.
Anyway, it's Friday morning and I'm not at school...HaHa!
I didn't do much last night but it wasn't so bad cuz I was
so tired. I didn't talk to Aaron that much last night and
I'm not that upset. I think I'm doing ok with all of
that. No, I know I am. I don't think I'm doing much this
weekend but hopefully I can do some spontaneous shit or
something because that kind of stuff is the most fun. I
want to go to a haunted house. Maybe I can get my dad to
take us because I don't have the money to go with my
friends. Ok, well... I'm gonna go now because I really
don't have that much to write. Oh yeah, there's one
question about Aaron that I never got answered because I
never asked him... I'm too afraid of what he'll say. I
never talked to him about the fact that he said he broke up
with my because he'd been neglecting all of his friends
when he was with me and he wanted to do stuff with them
more often. Well, if that were the case, why is he
spending ALL of his time with just Courtney now?? That's
what I'd like to know. I gotta go now.