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2001-10-05 15:55:04 (UTC)

Why do women with men trouble find worse men to date.

I have a sister who is going through a second divorce
because she again married a guy that works all day and
night and the nights he doesn't work he is out with his
friends and comepletely ignors her. Her first husband just
worked and never went out. The second one looked good at
first but he then got a good paying job and started a side
buisness and just got money greedy. The more he made the
more he wanted. He worked on valentines day for heavens
sake. If I did that my wife would kill me unless it was
absolutely necessary. It is just unbelievable her luck.
But wait it gets worse. After her first marriage she
started dating one of my best friends and he ended up
cheating on her. I warned her that he would do that from
the start but she didn't listen. Now she is back with
him. This guy is worse than her second husband in the fact
that he will never do what she wants to do and he will
cheat on her. I think she went back to him because he
could care less about money and working. He has gone
through 4 jobs in 2 years and is out of one at the moment.
He also hangs out with people that she enjoys hanging out
with. I hope this doesn't last. This guy all be it a
friend is a drunk that does nothing but hang out at bars
drink and smoke. He also has 6 or 7 tattoo's. I have
nothing against tattoo's I have one, but too many can get
ridiculous. I also drink a little and used to smoke so I
have noproblem with those either, but in moderation. I
just want to know why some people go from one extreme to
the other. It is nuts. This guy will never do anything
that she will want to do and that is one problem she had
with her other husbands. I know this guy won't because
even when his best friends want to something other than go
to a bar he allways say's nothanks and goes to the bar by
himself. My sister is just nuts and she won't listen to
reason. She get's mad and starts yelling when you try to
tell her that this is a big mistake. She is seeing a
shrink but obviously not a good one. The shrink should be
telling her that any relationship while she is lost on her
needs is a bad idea.