Event Horizon
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2001-10-05 15:47:00 (UTC)

Speak XXI

Fuck, Line, where the hell have you been?" Eve wasn't
trying. Her wide leg pants and thin bellytop. Her hand on
her hip and a body hanging like rags. Her hair dyed black
streaked red. Mouth scowling fuckingly. Damn. This shit
was going to take more than 5 minutes.

Door was there. Door with the big blue eues. Honest and
male. Beautiful.

"I got lost," Line said and smirked.

"Whatever," Eve said and smoked the last of her joint.

God, she wanted to kiss Door. Have him hold her and let
her control his hands. No No No No No. This was not
happening. She was Line. Not some goddamn member of
society, doing good for herself because it was natural.
There is not a man against himself conflict going down.
She coudl ease through it all and come out tops.

She went to Door's bedroom. He followed. Eve had
forgotten not to care.

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