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2001-10-05 14:39:40 (UTC)


2001/10/03 10:17 I have been subjecting my co-workers to
Gry w/fm einheit. They are giving me puzzled looks and
asking if I am still sick.
I find that I like this music. It's soothing and strange.
2001/10/03 15:20 I swear that some of our salespeople are
on crack.
2001/10/03 16:20 Looking for one copy of Gladiator.
Not the bootleg copy. I know where that is.
Last seen at my old house, during one of my parties.
If you have it or know it's where abouts, let me know, I
have someone else who wants to see it.
Thank you.
That is all for now.

Removing a Poll
2001/10/04 11:39 To the Question "Would You..."
Love Me?12%
Squeeze me? 0%
Tickle Me? 0%
Bite Me? 6%
Or Name me George?68%

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