OnE WiLd RiDe
2001-10-05 12:58:55 (UTC)

DaY of HoMeCoMinG

Well..what can I say. I guess I should start out by saying
that my name is Missy. Im a fourteen year old chick from
the state of delaware. Milford delaware to be exact. But
most ppl here just call it mildirt cuz its a hicktown. LoL.
N-e-ways...theres not a whole lot to say about today yet.
Im in first period, bored out of my mind. (Im in high
school by the way). 9th grade to be precise. Haha..I just
luv usin big words. But n-e-who.
I've lived in delaware most of my life. From 1992
until now. Thats a long time to live in a boring state. But
i didn't always live in Milford. I used to live in Viola,
which is about 20 minutes away from here. I lived there for
four years when my parents were still together. They aren't
anymore. The divorce will be final in another couple of
months. I guess in a way..the divorce was for the best..but
then again I sometimes wonder. I mean yes, my parents had
problems..what parents dont? But then again..I mean..I
always wanted my family to stay together and not be
seperated. Thats a hard thing for a teenager to face. This
big world..feeling all alone.
Sometimes I just get so depressed I just wanna go in a
corner and hide, and never come out again. But n-e-
ways..back to the story.
Today is the day of the Homecoming football game. We
play Sussex tech tonight I think. I dont know..Im not
going. And tomorrow is the homecoming dance, but im not
going to that either. Some ppl say that I should go, but I
really dont see the point. I never really have actually.
Whats the point in going if you don't have a date? Most ppl
would just say..take your friend along and have a good
time, but I really cant do that. I dont know why. But I
just find that stupid to do. I dont think its stupid for
other people, but I think it would be for me to do it,
considering that I dont have many friends in the milford
school, considering its my first year here. I wish that I
was popular, and I looked pretty. But i dont. And there's
so much I cant do about it. But then agan, i dont really
care. Its just whatever. Well I guess I better get going. I
dont really have much else to say at the moment. So I'll
talk to you when I have more important stuff to say and
when I have more time. Talk t you soon.