Chick Vicious

Kid Vicious Chick
2001-10-05 12:53:55 (UTC)

A wishful Day

Yeah i'm really bored. I'm talking to Henry on MSN. Bored
as ever....Aidan's coming back tomorrow & Simone on Sunday.
Great. Just in time for school :P I love Good Charlotte.
Benji & Joel are sooooooooooo hot! I love Benji's hair.
Totally rocks. I wish Damien's hair was like that but hey,
he's got a tongue ring so thats good. I love Benji's
bondage pants. I want to get a pair but I dunno where i can
in Australia. *SIGH* I was on the SUM 41 wedsite today.
Deryck is really cute. I love spikey hair. And peircings.
And tattoos. And cute smiles. Ah heck with it, I love alot
of things. You know what. There are alot of people I would
absolutley love to fuck. (note: I'm not a slut, but my
hormones are working get my drift, and this is
just WISHFUL thinking)There's Benji & Joel Combs, Adam
Ramanauskas, Mark McVeigh, Deryck Whibley, Nick Stahl,
James Marsden, Cone McCaslin...hmm thats it at the moment.
I should probably add my boyfriend hey lol. So for his
benifent, Damien, I'd fuck you too sweetie :) So anyway, I
want the Warped Tour to come to Australia. And Good
Charlotte & Sum 41 to come with it! Man Deryck & Cone kick
ass! Sexy beasts! Well to leave you here is a sin but hey,
i'll live. Check ya l8er and Peace Out

P.S Keep Representin' GC, coz you know they're representin'
you :)

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