brought to you by the letter e
2001-10-05 08:35:36 (UTC)

can't sleep clowns will eat me

so i really can't sleep
it's aprox. 3:35 in the morning on friday and i can not
fall asleep for the life of me
(noise of frustration)
no one is one line for me to talk to
and i already tried calling jeremy even though it is
outragiously late
i have to wake up at five
i suppose i should be doing something constructive
like studying for one of two tests next week or completing
one of two projects
i will have 0 time in which to do all of this
stress how i loathe thee
but on the plus side i'm not doing anything but being bored
and writing here
yeah for me
some day if i practice real hard maybe i'll be better at
procrastinating than jeremy :)
he'd ass punch me if he heard me say that

oh and jeremy if you read this i have flight times for you
i get to spend almost one more entire day with you than we
planned :)

oh and shame on ali
shame shame shame

i can not say why....
but shame

must sleep...
crap ass crap