The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2001-10-05 07:49:19 (UTC)

Sick and Twisted Day

Boy did this day start out wierd. I woke up in my bed
fully clothed in the clothes I wore yesterday. I woke up
and was like where the hell am i damn it. The last thing I
remembered was looking at the laptop to open up aol.com and
then I woke up IN my bed. My last position my feet were on
my pillow and my chin was on the laptop waiting. The lap
top was on my desk and i was in my bed the right way and
under the covers. I seriously don't remember anything
else. Which in a way kinda scares me. I had the best
sleep though, I didn't wake up at all. It was the best
sleep I have had in a long time. I thought maybe coming to
school would help with sleep because I thought the stress
of home was killing my sleep but I guess that's not it.
Here at school I sleep just as if I were home, I wake up
between 2-9 times a night.

"cuz you dream in color, my night comes in black and blue,
oh how i wish i were you"

But anyway back to your story. So anyway I get up and get
dressed(went potty and found a suprise I didn't want to
find, that damn thing always shows up right before I see
Ken, I hate being a chic) and go to riding lab which was at
8. I decided I would ride whoever they wanted to put me
on, bad idea. I got stuck with doc. He has this awesome
jog but his lope sucks to sit to. When we did the pattern
though I looked so good. So over all the ride wasn't
totally horrible. I like trudged back to home with vicki
and we stalked cars again. I wrote notes on 9 cars today.
They all had PA plates so I asked them for rides down, and
hoped they would call me or stop by my room. I chilled in
my room and then I went back to western tryouts. My
fucking stomach was killing me so bad. I thought I was
going to die.

"so kiss me and smile for me, tell me you'll wait for me,
hold me like you'll never let me go, oh babe i hate to go"

Well I get to ride this awesome horse Duffy. He was
awesome, I looked so good on him. It was the best ride I
have had at school. I go on all happy cuz I so thought I
made the team. Then I was reminded that I still don't have
a ride to PA. I rushed through my english homework and
bsed my whole way through it. I go to the horse club
meeting, after I was pretty much called an idiot by my
english teacher. My group didn't look that deep into this
stupid essay we had to read, which personally I thought
sucked. But anyway I was hoping I was going to get some
good news. I walk in the door and a dog jumps on me. He
was cute.

"everyplace i go i'll think of you, every song I sing i'll
sing for you, when i come back i'll wear your wedding ring"

I sit next to vicki and she tells me I just missed the
reading of the team list and I wasn't on it. I didn't make
the team. I was like in shock. I mean I wasn't too gone
but I couldn't believe it. So we go through the meeting
and I ask Bonnie about it and she no i didn't make the team
but i was so close. I decided instead of just mooping
about it I was going to take her up on her offer and help
her with paper work for the team, that way I look very
dedicated, and interested. Pretty much ass kissing. But
oh well.

"one more time oh let me kiss you, close your eyes and i'll
be on my way, dream about the days to come, where i won't
have to live alone, and I won't have to say...."

So I was bummin. It kinda pissed me off, I went to Kim's
birthday party at seneca and had fun there. Once we were
done I pretty much bolted out of there. I needed to vent,
everyone was talking about going home and I still didn't
have a ride to PA. I was shitting kittens about then. It
was oh 8:30 or so. I didn't want to dissapoint ken it was
my job to fucking get a ride down there and I totally
fucked that up. Here it is 8:30 at night and I had to
leave the next day and my plans weren't even made. can we
say YIIPPPESSS!!! I jsut layed on my bed nad didn't want
to talk to anyone. Beth wanted me to talk but I didn't
want to. I was so frustrated. To get out some aggression
we rearranged our room. We have a lot of room now. I then
heard about this kid who lived in PA so I went up and asked
him and he said he would if he was going down there but he
wasn't. I pretty much came downstairs and threw a fit. I
yelled at myself in my head and all. I was kicking and
hitting walls. I think that's how I bent my ring but that
will heal later. I talked to vicki and she could give me a
ride to the boarder and so I decided that was better than
nothing right. I called ken and told him and he was
dissapointed. He really didn't want to have to drive and
he didn't want to have to pick me up in the middle of
nowhere. Well I'm talking to him in tiffi's room and beth
and vicki come in and i had a phone call from some kid
jason. So i talk to him and he said he could give me a
ride, so he came down and talked to ken and so i got a ride
finally at 11 at night.

"he got hair down to his kness, he got ot be a joker he
just do what he please......he said i know you and you know
me, one thing i can tell you is you got to be
free.......hold you in his arm chair you can feel his
disease, come together right now over me......he got muddy
water, he said one and one and one is three, gotta to be
good looking cuz he is so hard to see"

Well I was all excited cuz now i actually had a ride and
then I found out what I did while was sleeping. Ahh geess
I think i shouldn't try and sleep that good anymore. Well
I fell asleep obviously on the laptop, like my head was on
it like a pillow. Red comes in and he moves the puter on
my desk, and i mutter "all i want to do is snuggle" So he
jumped behind me and snuggled, He said I must have been
dreaming about ken cuz I was getting kinda close so he got
up and I put myself to bed. I did this all dead asleep.
That was nuts. I was like are you sure. I couldn't
remember anything cuz I didn't wake up at all. They all
thought I like got up like in that dazed half sleep where
you are a little conscience, but I was gone totally. It
was nuts. Then Red and Tiff were messing around. I have
stuff written on my feet and I was licked by my dog
clifford. But anyways I should go to bed seeing i have to
be up at 8 and it's almost 4 now. Night night

Ms. Evil