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2001-10-05 03:50:53 (UTC)

How to save and safe your friends - desperate mode active

Today work was not so good as yesterday and even I felt it
I went for it. I try to make some waves against the tides of
my odds.
How to save and safe friends from false friends in desperate
When all words fails just hug them to show you are the
friend of them. Petcat taught it to me.
Tonight my friend Mel was in outside street of my home town
with them. Friends from some ex-boyfriend from a daughter
of a neighbour. I think the boyfriend of my loyal friend
is guiled about her. My enemies and her false friends lied
him she was a easy girl and if she was with it was not by
friendship. I hated that night they may said her I didn't
like her. I hated when they said know me when really don't
look at me when near from their parents. I adore her because
taught me how to be a simple people.
She was a kind of people that lives believing that have a
real love far and loyal. When she doesn't know her love is
so near from her heart. Yes secret of love it is not where
we aim but from.
I gave her that bracelet I got from a hippie in streets of
other town. I was with that bracelet since before she got
boyfriend. I put it in my arm waiting for. Tonight she asked
me her bracelet. I guess she didn't know that but I was fool
enough to send her some message later. May she doesn't know
that bracelet is that thing she put in ankler. Because it
was so large to fit. Well I let her washes ear in my perfex
polo alias shirt. I usually let petcat did it.
To help friends is good but I need to got more for myself.
I had been invited to a birthday party by tail from another
team of people. I will go there to get advice about life.

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