Visions Of Life
2001-10-05 06:34:25 (UTC)

Denver Post Letters..

I was looking at the perspective page of the Denver Post
and was quite pleased when I read some letters from fellow
colorado citizens.. And now I will share some..

Civilized principles

If a killer takes the life of your son or daughter, it
doesnt matter how deep the hurt, how strong your outrage,
you are not free to pursue the offender or to put out the
word that you want him "dead or alive". Why? Because this
is civilization. Because we are a nation of laws.

The nations of the world did not allow the victims in the
Balkans to punish the offenders. A court of law was
established. Crimes were defined and offenders are being
pursued according to the law.

The same principle of civilization applies to the United
States. The nations of the world have every right to expect
us to establish or collaborate in establishing an
international court of law to deal with the crimes commited
Sept. 11.

This is not a call for restraint. It is a call for action,
for action based on what we have learned about ourselves as
human beings and our need for processes to deal with our
conflict. We have worked too long and too hard to arrive at
this stage of civilization to regress to the shoot-em-up
days of Dodge City. The OK Corral belongs in the movies.

We are strong and we can lead at this time and take our
place among the great civilizations of the world.

-Don McCloskey

Not by their rules

The whole point of terrorism is to strike terro. They
intend to hurt innocent civilians, including women and
children. They dont play fair.

They wont use the missiles against which we are prepared to

Are we ready to fight a war in which we become like them,
bombing innocent civilians in the attempt to get the "bad

I am not proposing we sit back and just "take it". I do
propose that we cant fight this war like previous wars,
with infantry and air strikes. I propse that we, and our
allies, use the intelligence for which we are known; i.e.
that we use small groups of commandos to attack only known
targets, one by one, until the terrorists that the United
States of America and all other peace loving countries
abhor are destroyed.

Only in that way do I believe we can win the "war" to rid
the world of inhumans who have wreaked havoc not only in
our country but in many other countries in the world,
without becoming like them.

-Suzanne I Weston

Try negotiation first

Before we start down the road to endless retaliations, a la
the Arabs and Isrealis, lets ask the terrorists why they
did it and what they want.

If they want us to stop meddling in the Middle East, lets

If they want us to lift the sanctions against Iraq, lets
lift them. They're not hurting Saddam, only his people.

If they want us to stop giving aid to Israel, lets stop. We
can hold out for the right to sell anything we want to them
so they can defend themselves.

Many of the things they want may be things we should have
conceded to long ago. We can give those things and still
draw the line on things we should not concede.

This may be our only chance to negotiate a lasting peace,
and avoid Armageddon. Lets at least explore this avenue

No matter how much we want the terrorists to pay, it would
be for the better to make them heroes(by letting them win
concessions, we should have given long ago) than to have
hundreds of times as many innocents slaughtered by them,
and us, in the decades ahead.

-James W Phelps