ShellyWebster vX

2001-03-02 22:39:21 (UTC)

Today just sucked. Well most of..

Today just sucked. Well most of the day anyways. I woke
up at like 10:30am and remembered I had an appointment with
my shrink at 11. So I got up, showered, and didn't even
have time to dry my hair. Then I got there and she was on
the phone so I had to wait another 10 mins anyways. Oh
well, life is like that...
Then I went home and my mom called me to know if I wanted
to go out to lunch with her at 1, so I said sure. Then I
watched some Ricki Lake and some woman was claiming her
daughter sang better than Britney and Mandy Moore and
Jessica Simpson. Then later in the show her daughter sang
and she sucked...well that's just my opinion but whatever.
So I went to lunch with my mom and we got Chinese food. I
had this spicy garlic chicken stuff and it made my mouth
burn. Then after lunch we went back to the library, where
both my mom and I work. I got offered a job working in the
children's room on Sundays so I took it cause I need cash.
So I'm starting this Sunday.
Then I left and went home, but when I was getting out of
the car I poked myself in the eye and hit my head on the
ceiling of the car. Right now I have a huge headache so I
probably shouldn't be sitting in front of a computer
screen. So I guess I'm out.