2001-10-05 06:08:31 (UTC)

day 1

Well... Weird as it is i had a good day. even though jason
didnt call until about 10 tonight i will get over it.
Wrork is fine, I'm just sick of all the new people. I
always think they complicate things becasue I like the way
things are. Finally almost friday and no school tomorrow
which is good cause im already sick of it. I hope jason is
at wrok when his present arrives. I think that it may make
him realize how good to him I am and that he shouldn't take
me for granted. I feel like i've given so much to him and
not asked for much in return and its just not too much to
ask for him to actually like me. I can't believe that i
let him get away with all I do, but I like him and I'll
have to get over it i guess. well hopefully I can sleep
well tonight tomorrow I should excercise because I haven't
all week and ive got to get on a schedule. I guess thats it
for now.