Garden of Stones
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2001-10-05 04:44:35 (UTC)

Huh.. today's date?Oh, its only the 5th of Oct

Well, its about midnight and I should be going to bed soon,
since I have school. Hopefully I'll stay over Terri's house
and hang out or some shit.
But anyway, today sucked just liked the rest. Life just
sucks in general. Who gave people permission to be
assholes? i sure didn't. I want to know who so i can beat their ass.
Well, well, my life is such a catastrophe. Seems
like everyday theres something new to face. I feel like indulging in
the fine art of marijuana smoking. Life is way too boring when you're
sober, let me tell ya.

So I guess Slayer is right: God certainly does hate us all.

But enough of that. Lets move on to bigger and better
things: like sex. Me? Not enough of it. The only person I
had the chance to have sex with moved away to Medford or some shit,
a half hour away from me(I live in Lawrence in MA). Seriously, i was
desperate, but it never happened.
Yep, ol' Kathy. She is-19 I am-17. She is
one psycho bitch(nothin wrong with that though)... She
treated me like shit though, which caused me to cut myself
(Yep, I have like, not even exaggerating, 30 scars on my
left leg). So I guess this wasnt really a healthy
relationship... We still talk once in a while. Why, I dont know,
cause she is one ugly boar.

Fuck. Its like 12:20 AM so I should get some sleep...