Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-10-05 04:25:53 (UTC)

Matt.. Matt.. Matt

He's kinda mean. Yeah.. he definitely is.

He just can't be nice to me. Sure.. I used to think he was
this really nice guy... so sweet and innocent (hint-first
impressions aren't alwasy correct):) He just can't quit
being a smart-butt... I put him in a time-out. No talkin to
him for 5 minutes. So.. what does he do? He starts making
fun of me, making just down right mean comments cause he
knwos I can't respond. Whatever. He's gettin it. I don't
even know why he does that.. I mean.. he knows how much he
loves me. He's just in denial. It happens sometimes. He
just doesn't wanna admit that I'm cool (maybe even cooler
than him) so.. he just disguises his inferiority with
sarcasm. yeah.. poor Matt.. maybe he should go to
counseling for this or somethign?

Haha... yeah... I'm a dork. Just in case you wanted to
know. But, Matt is still in a time-out. 1 minute to go.
I bet he can't wait til it's over.. haha