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A Life in the Day of the Duchess...
2001-10-05 04:06:03 (UTC)

What I think 3 weeks later

I'll address September 11th, since that seems to still be
the hot topic of choice in the world. In my world, that is
my aunt's wedding anniversary, a happy day. If you want to
know what I think about the World Trade Center exploding,
watch The West Wing's special episode "Isaac and Ishmael".
It covers things pretty well.

There was a guy who came to our theatre class who made some
pretty good points while demonstrating some theatrical
innovations he'd learned about. 27,000 children die of
starvation every day. Children, little kids, the hope of
the world, die in agony. No one stops to say something
must be done about it. But 6000 people die a horrible,
fiery, quick death and the world sits up and takes notice.
The entire planet says something must be done. I think it
has something to do with the 6000 with their good lives and
illusions of security. They thought they were safe, but
they weren't. The 27,000 probably see their end coming for
a while. They don't have illusions of safety, so their
illusions can't be torn away by violence. It still doesn't
seem right in my mind. I suppose I can't criticize,
though. It's not like I'm standing up to make a
difference. Then again, I'm not making a stand for
vengeance, either.

I think the conflict lies within my own mind. I support
the Americans trying to rebuild ruined lives. I do not
support the rabid hunting down of Afghanis. Revenge makes
no sense. It never has. I've read enough to see the
endless circle of violence humanity has a penchant for
repeating. You have to stop it before it starts. The
Americans have to rebuild and start from the beginning and
not sink to the level of destruction. They have to be
thankful that they are not like the others, that they are
accepting and plural, that they can not be incited to
violence by violence. They won't be like that, though,
will they? I support the people who are trying to live. I
condemn the people who are trying to end lives. I guess
that's why the military in general has never made any sense
to me. Life is more important than revenge. Life is more
important than money. Live. Love. Live.

I have a million more thoughts, but they're starting to
hurt my head. I guess I'll take the road of sleep for
now. I've said my piece on this and can move on to other
things next time.