Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-05 02:50:16 (UTC)

Booga Booga!

Our English teacher finished reading us "Skinnybones"
today. Yep, it's a kids book, but it's a good example of
humor in writing, and she thought we might like it. Well,
we did. Especially the part where Alex yelled "Booga
Booga!" to the first baseman so he'd miss the ball.
Songs I NEED:
Madonna "The Power of Goodbye"
Insolence "Poison Well"
Mandy Moore "Crush"
Fuel "Bad Day"
Travis "Sing"
and there's a few other's but I can't remember right now.
Smooth, huh?
Tomorrow's Homecoming. Which means parade. Yippee. I
love band, and I can't wait to march, but I wish the rest
of the colorguard would listen to Jocelyn and I when we say
FOLLOW US!!! We don't want to look dumb, and maybe I take
this WAAAY too seriously, but I love it. And I don't
happen to like looking dumb. Or bad.
Tomorrow night I'm going to Jocelyn's house, and then we're
going to Beth's party, and then I'm going back to her house
Today was our "Round Robin" tourney, and my team, team 7
(how fitting) got our asses kicked by Paige's team, but
that's okay, since it's her birthday. Puppy chow for all.
Which I can't eat, b/c it makes me throw up. Well then.

"If ya wanna go and take a ride wit me"

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