Sandy's Brain
2001-10-05 02:32:06 (UTC)

Is this Me?

This is supposed to be me...Im born in May, and all.

* Stubborn and hard-hearted ~stubborn, yes
* Strong-willed and highly motivated ~motivated? my ass...
* Sharp thoughts ~I doubt it
* Easily angered ~not that you'd see
* Attracts others and loves attention ~kind of...
* Deep feelings ~yeah, sometimes
* Beautiful physically and mentally ~Ha.
* Firm standpoint ~if I believe in it
* Easily influenced ~I don't think so
* Needs no motivation ~ya, I do
* Easily consoled ~by who?
* Systematic(left-brain) ~I can be
* Loves to dream ~they are my own
* Strong clairvoyance ~clairvoyance?
* Understanding ~I listen
* Sickness usually in the ear and neck ~nose
* Good imagination ~hell ya
* Good debating skills ~Religion class?
* Good physical ~Does that mean work?
* Weak breathing ~ya, i don't breathe
* Loves literature and the arts ~obviously
* Loves traveling ~everywhere
* Dislike being at home ~of course
* Restless ~yes
* Hardworking ~if I want to
* High spirited ~yep
* Spendthrift ~I have no money