Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-10-05 02:29:22 (UTC)

I swear.. I'm good

Apparently some people don't really believe me when I tell
them I'm a "good girl". Why? I mean, is it really so hard
to believe that there are actually normal 18 year olds who
don't go out and party and stuff every weekend? Sheesh. I
just wish people would stop saying "Yeah, you try and act
all innocent, but we know you're not." Do you really know
me? I dont think you do.. or you obviously wouldn't be
saying that I am not a "goody goody" or whatever.. cause I
so am. And I'm no ashamed of that. The term "goody goody"
has a negative connotation to it, but ya know what? Here's
what I think.. if someone ever calls you that... take it as
a compliment. Being a goody goody is a good thing:)

So.. I went to work today... like always. We ordered from
Giovanni's for lunch cause they were having Bologna
sandwiches.. yuck. I showed everyone my collage of the day
care kids. They loved it. Yay. I like to please people. I
have to admit.. it was a pretty cute idea.. hehe:)

Ok, can I just say that I sooo knew Ross was the father? I
mean, how predictable is that? Really. It's the last
season, Ross and Rachel have always been each
other's "lobsters" throughout the show history.. and well,
I just knew it was his. Even when they showed Tad sittin in
Central Perk.. I still knew it was Ross. But I mean, It's
cool. I'm not saying it's a bad thing that he's the
father.. just incredibly predictable...:)

Becky tried to call me this afternoon but no one was home.
So.. with my good luck.. I call her back, and no one his
home at her house. Ugh. Mom said she talked to her today
tho, and she hasn't received the jacket. I'm so mad. That's
been a week ago... over a week ago... and it should be here
by now. Amy is soooooooooo on my bad list right now.