Thug Girl In Tha SouthSide
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2001-03-02 17:02:17 (UTC)

March 2,2001 Today has been a..

March 2,2001

Today has been a great day so far,I mean its only 10:34 but
for some reason I feel like today is going to be the best
day that I have had in weeks!Well i finally got A job,
after three months of searching.A matter a fact it"s one of
the best jobs that I have ever had.I enjoy working
there,but my only concern is not fitting in? Because
everyone is real up tight and snobby,and we have nothing in
common.It could be that I am the only 16 year old working
there,but I dont know!For some reason I always have trouble
getting along with girls.I don"t know why,but the only
reason I could think of is they are jealous of me.I mean I
dont wanna sound like that it"s just that I have always
been color cordinated I love to dress to inpress but only
myself.I"ve been working sience the age of 14 so I have
alote of things that other people dont.But it"s wierd
because people invy me for all the things I have worked so
hard for.I get along real well with guys because growing up
I was always around my little brother alote.So when it
comes to employment I always have difficulty getting along
with girls.I"ts not me having problems getting along with
them it"s just that for some reason they dont like me!Like
the last job I had got fired because the supervisors liked
my homeboy"s Daniel and Leo and us three where always be
togather,they where good looking but if I knew they where
ganna cost me my job I would of let it be!But they got
jealous and told the manager un tru things so i just went
ahead and walked out because it is stupid a person would do
so much just because they licked someone!I get along with
people real good because I am a very out going person and
very adventurous,but when it comes to guys for some reason
I feel the only way to keep that friend is to walk away.

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