The Sexy Blonde
2001-10-05 02:11:50 (UTC)

Thursday 10-4-01

Hey readers,

Today is our Homecoming game. I didn't have a ride I
didn't go to Seago-fest. I was suppose to be in the parade.
Oh well, I can go to Seago-fest tomorrow maybe.

My friend Vanessa, made me a Mum to support Seagoville.
Well today I was really sensitive in 7th period and I kept
crying but knowbody seen me.

I had a test in English, Geography, BCIS Keyboarding,
and a homework assignment in Spanish. ICP is falling apart
because my teacher got fired and the subs can't handle our
class. Well I have to go. But I need to get off soon so I
can call my baby!
Laters ~Jessica