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2001-10-05 02:03:40 (UTC)

late at night

so i'm done with my homework and am free to relax... with
the exception of a bassoon lesson that's looming over my
head for tomorrow. whoops. oh well. it's vacation. sort of.
enough. whatever, i'm rambling. so, a little more about
"timmy" (fyi i will almost never use real names, this is
solely for entertainment/advice purposes). so a week or so
ago i was at break, in a little circle of a crowd of
acquantainces and friends, and i was sharing a cookie or
something and gave him a piece. he said, "well, i don't
really know you, but ok" and took some. so obviously we
didnt know each other, so i said, "my name's A." at this
point he was eating the cookie so he couldn't talk by
eventually managed to tell me his name. so that's how we
met. we've been talking a little more this week, and he
seems really sweet. so maybe it'll happen, but if it doesnt
i'll have another friend. and thats always good.