Day to Day
2001-10-05 01:58:29 (UTC)


I met this girl named Lucy. At first I was bored and was
looking for someone to talk to. She caught my eye on so I figured I would say Hi. I didn't think I
would talk to her more than once. I mean, the girl was so
beautiful. Why would she be interested in me? Life has some
suprises. We clicked pretty well, and I fell for her. She
is so awesome. Shes one of the few girls I can talk to on
the phone and have a decent conversation with. Her voice
makes me feel like a million bucks on the worst day. And
her laugh is the greatest thing I've ever heard. It just
makes you wanna run up to God and go "How did you make
something so beautiful, you should have kept her here with
you, I mean shes like an angel". Like any girl she doesnt
think shes so great. But, thats part of what makes her one
of the greatest things Ive ever known. She may have her
downfalls, I mean I know I do. I have too many. I'm not the
greatest human being in the world. I really hate myself
sometimes. Another thing. The thought of anything bad
happening to her is like a stab at my heart. Like if
something did happen I would lose a part of myself. The
heck with me though, I could care less what harm comes to
me. But if I knew for a second something bad was going to
happen to her I would give my life to stop it from
happening. I've always been a great judge of a person. I've
honestly never been too far off from the truth. And her...
she is just.. I cant explain it.. I guess I'll have to get
back to you when I know. I do know this. I'm not wrong when
I say I care about this girl like I care about any other
most important thing in my life. Those things have always
been my dreams.. being a musician, and doing something with
my life. I would give that up for her without a thought.
Lucy, whatever happens with the both us, wherever we go in
life. No matter what, you can always ask for my help if you
need anything. I'll be here. And I'll always care about

Love, Chris